Monday, December 16, 2013


Things to Think About

Today's meditation speaks to the expectation the people of the Earth feel, but often can't explain.  They are waiting, but waiting for what - that can usually be defined by their belief system, as all of them speak of awaiting the coming of a savior. 

Hindus await the return of Lord Krishna.
Zoroastrians await Ahura Mazda, the god of light.
Jews await the Messiah.
Buddhists await the Fifth Buddha.
Christians await the second coming of Christ.
Muslims await both the second coming of Christ and the Imam Mahdi.

There is a great piece of music by Jack Lenz that was originally called "Expectations" that talks about the expectations of each religion, combining music with the writings from each religion talking about what they expect to happen.

Ron Julian, a professor at Gutenberg College, wrote an excellent article called "Thief in the Night" which talks about what Christ advised his followers with regard to His return.  It focuses not so much on attempting to identify the signs, but rather on being ready, and focusing on faith, hope and love to do so.

Something Fun for Advent

Try Christmas Bingo:  For young non-readers, or people who are youthful, create a Bingo board of different Christmas pictures. Make nine 1-inch squares on a word-processing document and paste a different Christmas clip-art image in each square. Use a manger with straw, a star, a cow, a candle, a shepherd with sheep, an angel, Mary, a gift and a donkey. Print a Bingo game card for each child with rearranged images on different cards. Using either small candies or bingo tokens, have children place the item on each figure when you describe it with clues.

Straw – "I am all golden brown, where Mary laid her baby down."
Star – "I shined brightly in the sky over baby Jesus that first night."
Cow – "I mooed with joy so sweet and breathed on baby Jesus' feet."
Candle – "I have a warm, soft glow that lit that room so long ago."
Shepherd – "I am keeper of the sheep who came to watch the baby sleep."
Angel – "I told of Christ's birth. I shouted the message, 'Peace on Earth!' "
Mary – "I am the mother of this baby boy. To serve God completely is my heart's greatest joy."
Gift -- "I was brought by the wise men to worship this baby born to be King."
Donkey – "I walked a long road with Mary, the mother, as my heavy load."

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