Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Freedom and Responsibility

Things to Think About

Today's meditation reminds us that there needs to be a balance between God-given freedom and God-given responsibility - that we must be a community which would have, had we been around at the time, been welcoming to the Christ child, and which will be supportive of the spirit of Christ in each of us.

The following is taken from The Western News' Facebook page, showing the community spirit of Troy (and Libby) following the recent apartment fire here:

"One day after an apartment fire displaced eight families in Troy, the Rev. Cam Foote of Troy Community Baptist Church sat in the church's activity center surrounded by shoes, hats, gloves and toys. The donated items came in such abundance and so quickly that efforts to organize were abandoned when there were no more tables on which to sort items.

In the days following, Foote would have to direct donations elsewhere because of the overwhelming response.

The floodgates opened shortly after Nicole Heyne, 21, posted a comment on Facebook requesting donations to the church.

"It's been busy since then," Heyne said. "I even had phone call from Colorado asking how they could help." "

Something Fun for Advent

Don't forget our furred and feathered friends this winter season.  Call your local shelter to discover what sort of food they might be in need of, and if the animals are allowed visitors and treats.  Jesus and his family weren't alone in that barn, but surrounded by animals.  While they might have been a bit different from what you're going to find in a shelter, they still need love and community care until they can find their forever homes.

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