Thursday, December 19, 2013

Children of God

Things to Think About

Today's meditation brings up an interesting point for a country who has been at war for over a decade.  The patriotic unity produced by war can only flourish in the arid soil of a much greater disunity.  Divisions among humans are a commonplace occurrence - simply look at the number of sects of Christianity (over 41,000 by some counts) worldwide. 

And yet the author of Let Every Heart Prepare makes another very interesting point - the dead do not all look alike to God, in whose image we are all created.  God cherishes each one of us as a beloved child.  And we are awaiting the celebration of the birth of God, Himself, in the form of the Christ child.

So the challenge for today:  seek out someone with whom you have disagreements - political, religious, moral, even family.  Have a conversation with them and hold in your mind, "This is a child of God, just like me."  Find something in common.  Focus on that for this one conversation - even if it is that you both feel passionately about certain subjects (and don't agree).  

Think of your favorite color.  Imagine if everyone had that same favorite, and the uniformity that would come from decorating everything with that color, making all the houses that color, all the decor that color, etc.  The world would not only be a pretty boring place, but I think we'd likely grow to hate that color, because there is no diversity.  Fortunately, God created each of us unique, and we like different colors.  If He wanted uniformity, He likely wouldn't have created the huge variety that exists in the world.  Celebrate that the person you disagree with adds color to your world, and appreciate it.

Something Fun for Advent

Color pictures to hang around the house. 

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