Sunday, December 15, 2013

Generosity of the Spirit

Things to Think About

The second Saturday in Advent's meditation talks about the difficulties of economic disparity.  The author discusses that "generosity of the spirit is harder" when you are without funds, but I think I'll respectfully disagree, to a point.  Obviously, money does make generosity easier, but when you have been in a place where you know what people are going through, you're better able to know what you can do without so that they may be blessed by your generosity, poor as it might be.

As an example, this little Town of Troy, Montana recently had a fire at a low-income apartment building.  8 families, 14 people were displaced, 3 were burned, 1 was life-flighted to a special burn center in Utah, 2 at a more nearby hospital.  The people in this little town, a full one-fifth of whom were laid off from the mine earlier this year, living in a county that has been in a depression for over 40 years - pulled together, got people clothed and fed, temporarily housed and back on their feet within a short time.  The people in the next little town over organized a drop-off point for contributions to be brought here.  The person in Utah is doing well.  The pastor at the Baptist Church, our local Red-Cross Center when needed, has said that they've got more than enough for right now.  As people find places to live, they will need household goods of all sorts, furniture, bedding, dishes, etc.  And I have no doubt that the people will arise again, giving what they can, because that's what Montanans do for one another. 

A Tiny Tim here would see fundraisers, coffee cans at the local store for change, and would find the resources to help him get well.  Each person is valued.  Each person has either been in the position, knows someone who's been there, or fears being in the position in the future.  So we take care of our own.

Something Fun for Advent

Got ingredients for sugar cookies?  Take a plate of cookies and a homemade Christmas card to your doctor’s office, library, church office, and/or dentist office. 

Or gather together clothes that don't fit, toys that aren't played with (Island of Misfit Toys anyone? Watch Rudolph while you're doing this!), canned goods that haven't been used and donate them to those less fortunate.

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