Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Suffering and Comfort

Things to Think About

The meditation for Monday, December 9 (late due to internet outage) speaks to the importance of peace, and how we face challenges in our daily lives.  In many instances, troubles we have are of our own making, whether it be decisions made in the long-ago past that come back to haunt us, or daily habits that become addictions from which we can't break free, or holding onto hurts until they manifest in some physical manner because we're not ready to deal with them.  All choices that can result in suffering.  And sometimes, it's the choices of others that cause your own suffering.

As the meditation states, we may not have a choice about whether to suffer, but we can always choose how we will face suffering.  Even knowing what was coming -- what He would be choosing, God made manifest in human form, to experience life as a human, to suffer and die for the sins of humanity -- Christ chose to live among us, and became both an example of how one could choose to face suffering, and a comfort to those who do suffer.

Something Fun for Advent

Be a comfort to those often alone - visit a nursing home; take goodies or cards; sing carols; visit quietly and see if anyone would like to read or be read to from the Bible.

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