Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love and Fear

Things to Think About

Today's meditation speaks to the concept that love inspires both joy and fear, whereas appreciation only inspires the joy.  We hear the word love tossed about in relation to desserts, cute pictures, songs, outfits, shoes, etc.  What we really mean there is that we have an appreciation for those things, because honestly, if you were without them, while you might miss them, you're not actually risking anything in appreciating them.

"In joy and terror, the Word is born" are some of the lyrics in today's hymn.  The terror is as a result of the knowledge that your world is about to change, and to potentially change drastically.  The love of God is eternal, exemplified in the gift of His Son.  Our fear is not that we will lose God's love, but that we have to change ourselves to acknowledge that it transcends this life and all else slides to less importance, because the "big picture" just got a whole lot bigger.

Think back to when you realized God's love.  What changed in your life?  What fears did you hold?  What joys did it bring?

Something Fun for Advent

Bring the energy of a home blessing into your house.  Each person should keep in mind that their particular task is done as a blessing to the home and all who reside or visit there. 

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