Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nothing Too Small

Things to Think About

Today's meditation from CREDO brought to mind this song:

The idea that the God who could create all things, all creatures great and small, being "too busy" for anything we bring to him seems a bit ludicrous.  But how many times have we heard or said, that God's too busy - or for that matter, that our troubles are nothing compared to others, and we shouldn't bother the Lord with trivial things? 

Awhile ago, I saw a short video production with someone playing Christ, showing that Christ is always there, listening, helping, guiding.  In one scene, a man came into a coffee shop - apparently his place to meditate and pray - and Christ was there, greeting him when he arrived (not that the man actually noticed, as he was too busy praying and getting things off his chest to listen to the simple word of greeting), and as the man began to speak, Christ obligingly sat and listened to him.  The scene ended with the man looking at his watch and rushing off, with Christ looking rather bemused.

As the meditation this morning said, only half of praying is speaking - the other half is listening.  Watch here in another video - examples of everyday life where Christ is there, and you can recognize the times when things have suddenly become lighter - even though nothing has changed - simply because you listened

So the challenge today?  Listen.  Hear with your heart those things that God says or provides that makes our burdens easier.  Listen to the prompting to go and *say* something to someone that is encouraging or flattering - something as simple as telling a stranger (honestly, mind you), that is a great necklace, or, what an awesome tattoo - or whatever it is that you're led to say.  *You* may be the word from God that someone needs to hear, even if you don't think it's important, or you don't know that person - you couldn't possibly say something to a stranger.  If nothing else, smile at everyone - it can lift people's spirits in ways you'll never know, including your own.

Fun for Advent

These are listed as 101 Random Acts of Kindness, but if you're listening, perhaps you will be guided to the ones that will help someone most at this time of year.  Take a look at the list, and see what you can do to brighten someone's day today - including your own!

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